Color me Pondicherry

This past December, I took a weekend trip to the seaside town of Pondicherry on the South East Coast of India. A two hour drive from my hometown, Chennai, this former French colony is an eclectic mash-up of French and Indian.  You might know it from Yann Martel's famous book, Life of Pi, and if you were to visit for the first time, you wouldn't be the first traveler to walk its colorful streets in search of the zoo. There is no zoo in this town, but it's so worth a visit. Tamil street names still begin with "Rue" and French and Tamil homes alike, are painted beautiful hues of turquoise, pink and orange.

My recent series of smaller works on paper, titled "Pondicherry" gets its color palette, energy and shapes from iphone images I took while wandering the streets.